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Jasna Boudard is a new media artist based in Austin, TX.

Since childhood, she has expressed herself through different mediums such as drawing, painting, and performance. This led her to discovering her true creative voice through cameras and projectors.


Jasna creates immersive visual experiences using photography and video art to explore movement, light, and connection. She works intuitively by recording lived moments and translating them into "dream-like" reality, often through projection art. 


Originally French and Bangladeshi and raised across three continents, her international journey has greatly informed her work and her philosophy of seeking unity in diversity. Jasna has a Masters in Fine Arts and exhibited her work across Europe, Asia, Africa, and all over the United States.

She is the Thinkery museum's first artist in residence and the co-founder of MetaCaustics, a collaborative partnership with artist Topher Sipes to create light-based immersive installations and other new media works. 

Aside from her creative work, she is also the founder of Travel Weddings, a wedding photography and videography business that serves multicultural couples, and an art and photography educator at multiple schools and institutions. 

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"Node" Texas

"Moonscapes" Texas

"Ethereal Reveries" Texas

"Alignmentality" Texas

"Regenerate Austin" – Texas

"Off the Clock" – Texas

"Emergence" (Solo Show) Texas

"Museum of Loneliness" – New York


"Illumaverse" – Texas

"Creek Show" – Texas

"Austin Studio Tour" – Texas

"RE/FLEX V" – Texas

"Mystic Mirrors" – Texas


"Art214" – Texas

"Going Away Show" – Texas


"Love and Nature" – Texas

"ArtCult" – Texas

“The Great Unraveling” – New York

“21 in 2021” – Online


“International Virtual Festival of Arts” – Online

“Coantivirus” – Online


“Journal Squared” – New Jersey


“Girls Rock” – New York

“Playdate” – New York

“Ma” (Solo Show) – New York

“Circus and Dreams” (Solo Show) – New York

“Dancing the World” (Solo Show) – New York

“Time” – New York

“Flow” (Solo Show) – Bangladesh


“Transcending Boundaries” (Solo Show) – New York

“Outside In” – New York

Dorothy Pieper Memorial Purchase Award – New York

“Invisible Energies” (Solo Show) – New York

“Dualities” 7th International Video Art Festival – Cuba

Canyon Voices Magazine Feature – Arizona


“Chez” (Solo Show) – France

“Unbound” 7th International Book Art Biennial – Egypt


“Tea Party” (Solo Show) – Bangladesh

“Chaos & Order” (Solo Show) – Bangladesh


“Lost in Transition” (Solo Show) – New York

OneEyeland Photo of the Day – Online

Avenue T, Cover Image – Bangladesh

Tmag Magazine Feature – Bangladesh

OneEyeland Photo of the Day – Online

“Kiosfera” (Solo Show) – Spain


“Prism” (Solo Show) – Japan

“Scatterbrain” (Solo Show) – Spain

The Metropolitan Cover Image – Spain


Red Bull Art of Can Award – Texas

“Padma” (Solo Show) – Texas

“Reve Lucide” (Solo Show) – Texas

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