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“Ma” is an immersive video installation piece dedicated to my mother, exploring how the passage of time affects movement.


The silhouettes of two South Asian dancers of different generations, Rita Nezami and Naqiya Choonawala, were recorded and presented through shadow dance (a meaningful memory that I grew up with). This original footage was then projected onto a maze of sarees, draped in a gallery space to create an immersive environment. The audience of the installation experienced these ethereal dancers layered into the space, transitioning from youth to old age. As the visitors walked through the installation, they witnessed their own shadows moving alongside the dancers, creating a dynamic visual conversation between those present and absent.


Exhibited in New York.  

Melting Mirrors

"Melting Mirrors" is a collaboration with artist Topher Sipes, and one of the featured artworks for Austin's 2023 Creek Show.


"Melting Mirrors" is a multi-layered video installation, featuring digitally manipulated slow-motion video of the flow and movement of the water surface of Waller Creek. The installation features multiple parallel screens of translucent fabric as staggered surfaces for the video content, allowing the projected light to pass through each layer to the next and simulating slices of a holographic cone for viewers as they pass by. This 3-D experience facilitates viewing depth above and beneath the creek's surface through the interplay of water with light. 

Exhibited in Austin, TX. 

Invisible energies

"Invisible Energies" is a video installation exploring the beauty of flow.

A series of videos featuring multiple experiments of inks diluting in water were recorded and flipped upside down to create a sensation of active energy. These videos were then projected large scale in various gallery spaces. The mesmerizing and photogenic quality of the moving inks seduced the audience to immerse themselves in the projected space. The natural tendency for the audience to start dancing within the projections mimicked the flow of the ink, as if being moved by invisible energies. 

Exhibited in New York and Bangladesh. 

Ardh, Mai, Nar, Hawa

"Ardh (Earth), Mai (Water), Nar (Fire), Hawa (Air)" is a video series exploring the four elements through bellydance.

In this collaboration with dancer Laila Kharrat and musician Mosheer Antar, the elements of earth, water, fire, and air were transformed into kaleidoscopes as an homage to Islamic geometric art. Through intentional styling, choreographed dance, and adapted music, each element’s unique energy and visual quality is represented through four different videos. The captivating and fragmented imagery serves as its own piece as well as projection material for live performances, where the dancer is immersed in her own image.

Exhibited in Dallas & Austin, TX.